The Power of Three‏

Dermalogica, I love you. Strong words I know, but when you find skincare products that make your skin feel at its very best then using the word love is suddenly a whole lot more acceptable. I was first introduced to Dermalogica late last year by the way of the Dry Skin Kit. I wanted to […] Read more…


YouTube Made Me Do It

A little while back there was a “YouTube Made Me Do It” tag going around. Leighannsays was the first YouTuber I had seen do the tag video on her channel (I love this girl, she is hilarious!) and it had me thinking… what has YouTube made ME do…. Well nothing crazy, but it has lead […] Read more…

All Used Up tn

All Used Up #1‏

This post is basically me showcasing my trash (as you do) and giving a mini review about the products that I have recently used up and whether I have repurchased them or not. So let’s get started… 1. Organic Care Normal Balance Shampoo 2. Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion with SPF 15 3. NIVEA […] Read more…

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