Dermalogica, I love you.

Strong words I know, but when you find skincare products that make your skin feel at its very best then using the word love is suddenly a whole lot more acceptable.

I was first introduced to Dermalogica late last year by the way of the Dry Skin Kit. I wanted to test out a few items from the range to see how they worked with my skin. All of the products felt so luxurious and I did enjoy the simplicity of the packaging (not an essential when choosing skincare, but it doesn’t hurt for the bottles to look great in the bathroom!). By the time I squeezed the last ounce of product from my samples I was hooked, then immediately began looking for the closest salon where I could purchase them in all of their full-size glory.

PreCleanse, Essential Cleansing Solution and Daily Microfoliant are all impressive products in their own right, but when teamed together…. AH-MA-ZING!

PreCleanse – Using oil to remove makeup? Yes, yes indeed. This product dissolves makeup right before your eyes – literally! – so your cleanser can finally focus on cleansing rather than collecting makeup that the ol’ trusted face wipe has left behind. PreCleanse also makes an appearance in my morning skincare routine to remove any surface oil and dirt before my AM cleanse. Whichever routine you add this to, morning, night or just do the double whammy like moi, you’ll also be happy to know that no greasy residue lurks around after it has been removed. Winner!

Essential Cleansing Solution – this creamy goodness is, well, creamy goodness! This is a hydrating cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of essential oils (which is a must for dry skin like mine), comes packed full of antioxidant vitamins and leaves my skin feeling smooth and just damn fantastic. Facial in a bottle anyone?

Daily Microfoliant – This fine exfoliator comes in a powder form but when combined with a little H20, forms a paste like texture that easily massages into the face. The results: baby soft skin with no hint of irritation. I use this every evening after cleansing and my skin is thanking me for it! Dry patches by gone and hello soft and glowy skin. There is a reason why this product cleaned up in the 2013 beauty awards.

There you have it, three products that have made me fall in love with Dermalogica. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be more grey and white bottles making their way into my bathroom cabinets very soon.

Do you have a Dermalogica product that made you fall in love?